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From its earliest beginning, Musanya Honey Co’s mission has been to encourage people to make a sustainable living from their natural environment. Socio-economic upliftment is a key part of our drive, but it is vital that this happen through “trade rather than aid”. It makes sense to empower people to determine their own future, rather than giving handouts.

Providing Tools

Musanya was founded to provide the tools for people to build resilient communities that are self-sustaining, based on ethical exploitation of their natural environment.  Based on our founder’s experience and knowledge of bees and beekeeping, we teach people about the agri-business of honey production.

Using modern hives and harvesting methods, honey is cropped without harming the bees. Providing secure hives which are carefully sited and protected from predators by our farmers, we encourage bees to multiply and thrive.

Musanya sees the protection and husbandry of bees as our ethical imperative. We love and respect bees, mindful of their importance to the planet.  They give us honey and so much more and by sharing this gift with people in developing African economies, we are giving back to bees and the earth.

Despite the simplicity of life here, it is possible to live a rewarding life in the woodlands.
The honey from our forest bees is extremely pure.

Trading in Purity

Honey of the quality produced in this region fetches a good price internationally. It is pure and completely unadulterated by the residues of developed economies, like pesticides and fossil fuels.

Our raw forest honey is unparalleled in its purity. Bringing it to market in its raw form is part of our ethical journey. We showcase what an honest, simple engagement with nature in a pristine natural environment can produce if we engage and cooperate with local people.

No pesticides or chemicals are present to contaminate it
Women in particular benefit from being introduced to the global economy through beekeeping.

It’s About People

Part of our ethical journey is also to look after people in otherwise forgotten corners of the developing world. We ensure that our farmers, particularly women, benefit directly from their honey crop.

Musanya Honey Co. guarantees buy-back from registered hives at fair market prices. This honey is rich and delicious, making it a commodity that will be sought-after on shelves in the finest food retailers around the world.  Ongoing training, investment and consultation connects the beekeepers with the markets they supply.

In this way, the eyes of the community are opened to the possibilities that exist beyond a subsistence crop. The honey trade can also provide reliable incomes and make services like better school facilities, running water, electricity, clinic, even computer centres possible.

Honey farming can provide so much for poor communities, from running water... better schools.

Musanya Honey Co. is proud to be working hard in collaboration with communities to create sustainable incomes ethically from the natural resources that surround us.

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